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Conifer Studios is run by one person, with the occasional help and support from trusted friends. Although the main focus is on simple 2D games, there have been other various projects such as websites about games. The ideas and designs come from a desire to make games we want to see, with the quality and polish possible with current limited resources.

My name is Nathaniel and the name Conifer comes from my love of trees, and the fact that my office is literally located in a place surrounded by forest. So Conifer Studios combies two things I love, games and nature.

Being a single developer, I understand that some of my limitations in regards to assets and development time will show through in the games. I am dedicated and always working to improve things, but sometimes it’s not possible at the time. If there are any questions, concerns, suggestions, or input, I am happy to listen and respond to them. Please feel free to contact.